CreaTechis a specialized engineering company with over 20 years of growth in the engineering fields of noise, vibration, impact, signal and condition monitoring. We have a lot of successful experiences not only in the development of software and hardware with advanced theory but also on-site consulting.


We have our-own environment noise prediction program, “ENPro” developed by us and used several scores of industry companies.

Continual research and development

Continual R&D to enhance noise/vibration technology is our mission to provide high-quality, low-cost solutions to customers.

Customized software and hardware

We have developed and provided a variety of software and hardware requested by customers or our needs, such as analysis software for HVAC system noise, vibration of local ship structures, underwater radiated noise, radar cross section, condition monitoring system, impact machine and so forth.

Total engineering consultancy

We provide total engineering consulting service to design, construct and maintain high quality low-noise and vibration ships and offshore structures products with time- and cost-effective technology based on the leading edge analysis, test, monitoring technology by our experts with a lot of field experiences.

Think from the perspective of customer

We always contemplate how to provide successful solutions coincident with the needs and expectations of customers, which is our basic philosophy to serve customers. It can be proven by the long and great relationship between our company and existing customers. Without the satisfaction of customers, our company cannot be sustainable.

History Accreditation&Patent
2019 01 Youth-friendly small giant company selected by MOEL 2019 01 Certificated of Marine Industry leading company
2017 09 Approval of Service Suppliers certified by KR 2018 09 Certificated of Busan excellent Leaders
2016 04 Approval of Service Suppliers certified by LR 2018 08 ISO 9001:2015 Certified
2016 02 Approval of Service Suppliers certified by DNV-GL 2017 05

Patent register No. 10-1739075 “Motor control vibration exciter for measuring dynamic stiffness of structure”
Certificated of Busan Business Service excellence
Patent register No. 10-1729285 “System for measuring and analyzing dynamic stiffness of structure”
2016 01 Approval of Noise Measurement Laboratory certified by Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries
2014 08
Registered as Korea R&D Service company(Engineering and R&D)
Registered as ABS Recognized Ambient Environmental Testing Specialist
2016 01 Certificated of Creative Culture Industry leading company
2009 09 Establishment of R&D Center 2014 05 ISO 9001:2008 Certified
2008 09 Moved office in Centum-city, Busan 2012 11 Patent register No. 10-1202679 “ Drive method of control system to reduce ship vibration”
2005 04 President & CEO Dr. Tae-Muk Choi 2009 06 Certificated of IT leading company
2000 04 CreaTech established as the Laboratory Venture Company of Ship Noise & Vibration Lab. in PNU by Prof. Dae-Seung Cho 2000 06 Outstanding award for researcher’s startup business competition by Small & Medium Business Administration
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