We have developed various engineering S/W to precisely and efficiently simulate noise and vibration phenomena based on advanced theories and reliable numerical methods. Some of S/W developed are commercialized and available, even with user-customized functions.

Engineering S/W
for noise simulation

“ENPro, indoor & outdoor environment noise simulation S/W, developed since 1993 is currently used by dozens of engineering companies, research institutes & universities. Moreover, by the continuous and passionate research and development more than 20 years, we have developed various S/W to simulate room acoustics, noise of HVAC systems as well as airborne & structureborne noise, which enable to simulate almost noise phenomena of ships & offshore structures.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Environment Noise
    Prediction S/W: ENPro
  • Structure- & air-borne noise analysis
    S/W: ENPro-CNPP

Engineering S/W
for vibration simulation

CreaTech has been providing engineering services for the design and construction of vibration-free ships & offshore structures by using general purpose simulation programs. Moreover, vibration analysis S/W of stiffened plate structures in contact with/without fluid developed to shorten modeling, analysis & documentation burdens without the sacrifice of accuracy is currently used in design & research departments of Korea’s major shipyards such as HHI, DSME, SHI, HHIC, Sungdong, STX and SPP to reduce vibration problems as well as working times for anti-vibration design. Nastran4Intensity S/W, developed to simulate structural intensity of thin-walled structures and interfaced with MSC.Nastran & Patran, is also utilized to find out efficient countermeasures to resolve troublesome vibration by identifying vibratory energy propagation paths.

  • Natural & forced vibration analysis S/W
    for stiffened plates: VAPS
  • Structural intensity analysis
    S/W: Nastran4Intensity

Engineering S/W
for URN Simulation

Underwater-radiated noise (URN) is one of the most important performances of oceanographic research vessels as well as naval ships. Our own ENPro-Transfer S/W can be applied to predict and control URN performance from budgeting noise source levels in initial design stages to URN measurement in sea trials. Using ENPro-Transfer, URN level prediction considering airborne, structureborne and waterborne propagation paths of noise as well as design details such as equipment, mount, foundation and hull is possible in any design and construction stages using the available information at the moment. CreaTech had total engineering consulting experiences for URN reduction of Korean research vessels, which successfully satisfied strict URN specification of ICES209 URN guideline.

  • URN analysis S/W based on transfer function method: ENPro-Transfer
  • SEA method on detail design state using
    real ship’s design data: ENPro-URN
  • URN analysis data: ENPro-URN

User-customized Engineering
S/W Development Service

We have abundant experiences to provide user-customized engineering S/W development services requested by research institutes (e.g. KIMM, ADD, KEPRI, KRRI) and companies (e.g. HHI, DSME, SHI, STX, SUNGDONG). Our abundant S/W development experiences in the fields of analysis and reduction of vibration, noise and RCS (Radar Cross Section), condition monitoring & diagnosis vibration and so on guarantee successful user-customized engineering S/W development from special-purpose database system to integrated S/W system interfaced customer-owned solver and/or H/W, even with automatic transmission function of monitored raw or refined data between onboard and on-land office.

  • RCS analysis S/W: SYSCOS